Welcome to my Website!

I am a keen amateur photographer and this site is about following me through my travels as I do shoots with models in the UK and occasionally Europe.

I typically have hundreds of images from every shoot but will be adding a few images at a time for each of the models to give a bit of variety as the site develops.

I will  be asking for a small donation to the ‘Private Areas’ to help fund this expensive hobby of mine and so if you wish to see more of a model and download larger images then please click on the button below and use the PayPal facility.

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I am not taking any further subscriptions to the ‘Private Area’ at the moment. Many apologies (23/02/2014)

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06/05/14 - New model Anna Sl added

12/04/14 - New model Alyona G added

02/03/14 - New model Vita added

Recent Updates


12/04/14 - Images of Alyona G taken on location and an apartment.

Alyona G - Profile Page

Anna - not a shy girl!

06/05/14 - New model Anna Sl added. We met at a studio casting but went on to do a shoot at a construction site.

Anna Sl’s Profile Page

My Videos

Anna Sl - lingerie outside

Warning - This website contains nudity, do not click on any of the links if you are offended by this! All models on on this website are 18+

Canvin Photography on Facebook

I started to take some video in 2013 at some of my shoots and where I have given myself a huge learning curve with regard to the editing. Below are shortened version as I didn't want to include anything too suggestive or any nudity on the open internet. The full versions can be found in the Private section for people with access.

Trailer video of Vita in the woods - full version in her ‘Private AArea’ is 2 minutes long

Lena - backstage video clips

Some video of Tammy taken during one of our shoots - the full version is over 2 minutes and can be found in the ‘Private Area’

Various video clips of models who I photographed during 2013

Here is my first attempt at compiling a video from a photographic shoot. The model is the lovely Anastasia P (this is the full version)

AnastasiaP Black Dress from Canvin Photography on Vimeo.

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